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Diane Arbus Exhibition

On the last day of London we went to the Hayward Gallery in Southbank to look at an exhibition showcasing Dianne Arbus’ work. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take any photos in the exhibition so I haven’t got any pictures of the exhibition itself. The work shown featured the first seven years of her career form 1956 to 1962, shooting on 35mm, which she shot exclusively until 1962.

I wasn't too impressed with a lot of this exhibition as the work didn't speak to me as much, however, what i did love was her devotion to looking at minorities, such as the LGBT community with work showcasing drag queens, during a time where being gay was extremely frowned upon.

The exhibition was laid out really interestingly, with large columns placed around the room houses Diane's prints - it was done like this so that there could be no pattern to view the images.

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