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Lighting Workshops

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

I've had a selection of lighting workshops which have all really aided me in allowing me to take photos both fashion and still life, in a high quality way. I've learned about techniques such as high key, low key, split, butterfly and loop which i have used in my shoots.

i found learning and using a beauty dish really useful as i used it in my most recent shoot for COP1. At first in the shoot i tried using an Octobox however, i found using a beauty dish to create a much more even and soft light. Trying out with a beauty dish in a workshop allowed me to effectively use it - the image attached below is the outcome of using the dish.

I have also used practical skills learned in workshops in a still life context - i used a hard flash and soft flashes in one of the workshop and found that in this context that hard flash works best.

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