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Love Arts Festival, Leeds

Me and one of my class mates Hermione visited two exhibitions which were apart of the Love Arts Festival, which ran from the 4th - 13th of October 2018. One exhibition i viewed was a textiles exhibition and the other a still life. The textiles exhibition by Sandy Holden called 'Stitch and Stuff'.At first, I was confused with the gallery space as the exhibition was held in a pub in Leeds.

The textiles exhibition did in all fairness have some interesting pieces, however as a whole it didn’t interest me and didn’t directly relate to my work.

The second exhibition we visited had a completely different vibe and was definitely more interesting than the textiles, it could also be related directly be linked to my Studio Practice work as it was still life. The Exhibition was held in a pub near Belgrave Music Hall called 'Gabbar'. Similarly to the previous exhibition all of work was placed on the walls around the pub. Some of his work was quite grabbing, and I especially liked the image of the mannequins facing towards each other – however the rest of his work unfortunately didn’t attract me. Although there is a lot to learn from his work, I like his mix of a completely minimal background and a highly textured object. This style can be translated into both my work for PTT and Studio Practise and I will try to incorporate this into my next still life shoot for the Fashion Object brief.

Although I wasn’t as interested by the exhibition as I would have hoped, it did allow me to further explore Leeds and visit new locations that I had never been before.

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