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Mundo LatinX Exhibition

Whilst in London, i visited the Mundo LatinX Exhibition which was held at the Fashion Space Gallery on Oxford Street. As stated on the Fashion Space website, the exhibition focused on showing, "The selection of works challenges dominant stereotypes constructed through how people look, dress and behave, by showing the processes of affirming, transforming and reinventing heritage and identity."

Although the work itself didn't completely grasp my attention, there was a lot i like about the exhibition. The way the images were show was very immersive due to how the images are hung around the soon, not only this but placing some of the garments shot in the fashion images was really compelling. As well as this, there were IPads and videos showing in the room which further adds to the immersive nature of the exhibit.

Seeing new ways of showing photos is really enlightening and allows me to see there are new and more interesting ways of showing photographs.

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