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Personality Test

In another PPP1 session, we did a personality test to see what type of learning best fits us. After filling in all the boxes i found out that i had a Blue Brain - this means that i have a "sky is the limit perspective", i'm social and chatty and have a "great idea attitude", which i this is accurate. it also identified what my ideal work environments are, these include: personalised workspace and flexible - once again which i believe is accurate. It also identifies what frustrates me, which is a lack of communication, insensitivity and lack of cooperation - all of which i think are accurate.

This task was useful as it allowed me to identify what type of way i should learn as well as whats frustrates me, allowing me to avoid these situations where i will be frustrated or not working in a good environment which will help me in the future to decide best workplaces and what situations to avoid.

I have taken this information into practice, especially in terms of a workspace - i cant concentrate unless i am in a really clean and open work space, so for a lot of my modules i will come into uni and go to the new library to work on my workfiles.

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