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Reflecting on PTT

PTT was the first module i completed and submitted and I found both briefs for this module really interesting and enjoyable - thankfully I was also really happy with the final outcome of my images.

In terms of the first brief, i found it really enjoyable. The details of what we had to do included taking one photo outside and one photo inside, all using natural light and my response to this brief was the two photos seen when she is wearing snakeskin. I found shooting outside much more enjoyable and easy than shooting indoors, as finding a very well lit and interesting looking indoor location was very difficult. I really liked styling this shoot as i wanted to make it quite tacky looking using bold prints such as snakeskin.

I really enjoyed shooting the editorial, i think it definitely challenged me much more stylistically as i needed to have 5 looks but other than that i had a really clear vision of what i wanted the editorial to look like. I did the makeup myself on this shoot, which was also quite challenging but i practiced a lot on myself so that it wasn't too difficult. I did two shoots for the editorial just so i could use the first shoot as a test, but i was pleased with the images in the test so ended up using a couple of them in the final submission.

Overall, i was really happy with the outcome of my images, and the module as a whole - thankfully i got a 1st which has given me more confidence when completing other modules.

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