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Studio Practice

At first i was really apprehensive about this module as i really don't like still life photography. The brief was called the fashion object and we had to use an object and photograph it in a studio setting.I did a test shoot and had an idea of putting fashion object in food packing, but i wasn't happy with how the images looked so i changed my concept. I wanted to focus on creating a set of images that could be comparable to what can be linked with a luxury advert – going for a really minimal look, with clean lighting, well thought out props and trying to make a sort of set in a studio to shoot in.

In wanted to get lots of items in this image in front of a minimal background so texture of the objects would be highlighted. I had marble, glass, crystal and suede - all materials with interesting textures and looks. i shot using a hard flash as the defined shadow creates a really interesting composition.

Although i didn't like the module, i was really happy with the outcome of my images. I understand the importance of completing this module as it gives me many transferable skills such as lighting and styling which i can use in the future.

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Christine B
Christine B
Sep 06, 2021

Thanks for tthe post

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