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Talk at WGSN

Whilst in London, we went for a talk at the trend forecasting agency WGSN. We were spoken to one of the specialists who worked at the agency, who overall gave an interesting talk. I found looking at the WGSN offices enlightening, as it gave me an insight into the business side of the fashion industry.

At first I was apprehensive as the talk seemed to have a smaller amount of relevance to me as a fashion photography student, however with further explanation she enlightened WGSN use to a photographer. Staying relevant as a photographer has challenges, therefore a way to differentiate from competition is to stay in style, shooting relevant images that will overall increase my images popularity, leading to more success in the future. It was also enlightening to see how much an account at WGSN costs, with each ‘seat’ as she referred to it costing £7000 pa, for example Zara has a couple thousand accounts with WGSN which I believe highlights its importance to fashion brands.

Although I don’t use WGSN currently, it will definitely be something I could use in the future when organising and getting inspiration for new shoots.

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