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Vivianne Sassen Exhibition

On the 26th September 2018, I visited the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield in order to view the Viviane Sassen exhibition, 'Hot Mirror'. As well as this i looked at Lee Millers work in the field Surrealism. At the end of the trip we were also tasked with making a 'Sassen' inspired image, (4th image on the middle right).

I found the Sassen exhibition very interesting and found the way she was inspired by Lee Miller's surrealism compelling. Sassen's work left me questioning each image wondering what the true meaning of each image was and honestly left confused at times. One picture that stuck with me was the pregnant lady covered in shaving foam. When I saw it I couldn’t take my eyes off it but It made me feel quite confused, however do know I loved the colour pallet and as a whole I think it was a strong image, especially compared to some of her more avant-garde work. I also looked at Lee Millers surrealist work, however the movement of surrealism doesn’t intrigue me in the slightest. I find it confusion and not at all visually appealing because I like artwork that is quite minimalist and generally surrealist work is the opposite of that. However, I do see a clear link between Sassen’s work and that of Lee Miller – Sassen often incorporates themes or objects into her work that are less conventional.

We were given a task in groups to create a Vivianne Sasses inspired piece of work (4th image/middle right). We as a group wanted to create a work that had Millers unconventional style and the lack of identity that Sassen incorporates into the majority of her work.

As a whole I don’t think I’ve taken much from the exhibition and I don’t think any of the two artists work fit with my style or any of my interests. However, I am open to reconsider my opinion, maybe if I look at another artist.

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