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Vogue Archive

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

We looked at the Vogue archive, which houses every issue of Vogue. i found this activity really compelling as it allowed me an over view of how fashion, trends and photography has changed over the last century. One of the most compelling things i found was seeing the change from fashion illustration to fashion photography in the 1930's.

i found that over the years there has been a complete shift that has followed mirrored trends of the time - for example Vogue moving away from the stiff images seen in the 1950's and becoming more relaxed in the 1960's with the publishing of photographers such as David Bailey.

I found it interesting to compare two covers from different eras together, such as the covers shown below fromVogue Paris in 1979 and 2013 i think its evident that Vogue has shifted and evolved to a less constrained and more modern look over the years, most likely in an attempt to attract a younger demographic.

Vogue is unrecognisable comparing the first publication of Vogue to an issue we would see today - however, the publication has still managed to keep its main focus for over 100 years, which is fashion.

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