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Editorial Research

Night flight by Tom Ordoyno for Dazed :

I found this editorial in the newest edition of DAZED Magazine and it immediately caught my attention. In my opinion I think that Tom Ordoyno has managed to make the perfect balance between minimalism and and abundance of texture – cleverly using the white background keeps the image clean and allows me as the viewer to focus solely on the model and her garments. The monochromatic style has changed the mood of the images making it quite somber and dramatic.

Red by Zandra Zylka For Schön! magazine :

I researched many editorials so that I could get inspiration from for my editorial. I follow an online publication called ‘Schon! Magazine’, which publishes fashion and beauty. I found this editorial called ‘Red!’ which was taken by Zandra Zylka and explores the passion behind the colour red. I really want to do a shoot in a natural setting, so when I saw this shoot I really resonated with me.

Ina Lekiewicz for Vogue Poland:

I found this shoot by Ina Lekiewicz for Vogue Poland on ‘’ when doing my research. I found this editorial very inspiring and it immediately captured my attention. I love how soft the lighting is and this is due to it being overcast- the clouds are acting as a natural soft box and diffusing the light, which is flattering for the model as it has less contrast so shadows aren’t as harsh. She styled it perfectly, matching the garments to the environment that the model is in so that she doesn’t blend into her surroundings – I think its like contrast that makes the images so successful.

The Lay of The Land for Vogue Italia :

I found this shoot for Vogue Italia extremely inspiring. The black and white and lace really portray a suggestive theme, in my opinion it has a really sensual and suggestive connotations. I love the styling of this shoot, I think that the photographer has been very smart with it. The PVC coat and crocodile coat adds some shine which contrasts the matte surroundings she's in. In terms of the lighting she’s used available light that looks very soft and diffused, which infers that it was overcast. I think the soft light looks very effective in these photos, and flattering for the model as it isn’t high contrast so shadows are diffused on her face. The makeup is very effective ands a sort of gothic element to the editorial.

Vogue Russia September 2015 :

i love this editorial which was shot for Vogue Russia - i has a really suggestive nature to it which i think makes it really compelling. i like the lighting techniques used and i think the high key light works really well in the photo on the left. in terms of the styling, the latex adds some sexuality to the images which i think is really interesting.

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