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Reflecting on COP

I enjoyed the COP Module to an extent, although the essay writing was quite tenuous, the researching was really interesting. I chose to compare and contrast the work of Steven Meisel and Irving Penn and created a selection of work that was inspired by theirs, which i think i managed to do successfully. I was extremely happy with these photos and are arguably some of my favourite photos i've ever taken and thankfully, essay writing for me has never been too much of an issue so the essay writing wasn't too challenging. I was also really pleased with the way i styled these images using the belts as a corset, adding gloves as a reference to the styling of Meisel and Penn's chicness. I used an MUA for this shoot as i wanted a really soft glam that i would not have been able to do to a high enough standard.

Overall, i found this module useful as i gave me an opportunity to further improve my academic understanding of my work as well as my research abilities which i can use in both my professional career and modules.

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