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Working With Modelling Agencies

Whilst in London I planned to do a test shoot with a modelling agency Named Models, I left it very last minute, so I wasn’t prepared in terms of overall concept and the styling. I organised the shoot for Sunday and was in contact with the model booker on Thursday and she sent a model package over – to which I chose my model and was happy, then I started thinking about styling the shoot. On Friday my phone ran out of battery for most of the day, so I was unable to see that the model I chose wasn’t available and to make it even worse, I didn’t see that I was invited to the agency to meet everyone as one of the agents who works there unofficially mentored me – I didn’t see this email that had all of this information, and by the time I replied on Friday evening when I got home it was past office hours.

I missed out on a good opportunity to meet professionals working in the fashion industry and test with a really good agency – so what I can learn from this is that I need to be more proactive with my emails to make sure I wouldn’t do this again, however, It did happen again.

I messaged Boss Model Management so that I could do a test shoot with one of their models for the shoot, which was Wednesday, I messaged them on a Sunday which was out of office hours. I didn’t see the notification that they had replied, and I stupidly didn’t check to see if they had replied until Wednesday, where I saw she replied to my email on Monday saying I could use a model.

Once again, If I had checked my emails I would have been able to use a modelling agency, building my professional relationships – however, my lack of urgency led me to missing out on an opportunity. However, i have been in contact with Boss again and have another shoot using one of their models coming up.

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