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Hanna Moon Exhibition at Somerset House

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hanna Moon held an exhibition at Somerset House showcasing some fashion images which explores her personal experience of living in London. She shot all of the images shown in Somerset house itself, which I think is a really interesting and compelling factor which makes the work that much more successful.

An explantation of the work summed it up very successfully, “Her fashion photographs summon a surreal fusing of people, props, architecture, clothing and proverb-like texts to create mythical world and fabricated fables. The exhibition was very immersive, with the images being shown on dividers in the middle of a grand room as well as being plastered all over the walls of a small more intimate room. The pictures were all in different sizes, going from very large A2 and A1 to A5 and A4 - as well as having some images framed and others pinned up, this allowed some of the more aesthetically impactful images to have greater potency in the exhibition.

I absolutely adore how her stylist Makram Bitar styles this selection of images, pulling pieces from contemporary high fashion brands such as Molly Goddard to transform the models identities.

Overall this exhibition was not only really interesting to visit, but also allowed me to gain inspiration from the excellent styling and interesting photography that took place.

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