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Making A Zine

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

In one of our Publishing The Fashion Image lectures we made a zine and had to come up with a whole concept for it. I worked with my two course-mates and we had a brain storm about the concept of the zine from the options we were given. We chose to go with the feminist option. We wanted to create a really positive classically feminine zine, showcasing real women. I shot the whole zine, and made sure that all the images were really empowering - i think my favourite images are those where Hermione and Katie are embracing themselves topless, i think its a really powerful and empowering image showcasing their friendship.

Both Katie and Hermione can draw well so they came up with the idea of adding illustrations over the images. So while i was editing the pictures they made some amazing and detailed illustrations which we scanned into photoshop and made them into PNG files. I made some of the images that weren't as strong into polaroids by finding a polaroid template on the internet and placing the images in them, as well as altering the colour in curves and adding grain to give more of a film effect.

This was only the second time i've used InDesign, so getting all the technical aspect of the zine done was interesting. We didn't properly resize the images so they came out a bit blurry once printed - the printing itself was also quite difficult and we spent a lot of time trying to get the setting right.

Overall this was a very interesting and beneficial task that has allowed me to practice making a zine for my module. I will use what i have learnt such as the importance of properly resizing images when i make my proper zine.

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