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Yelena Yemchuck

I find Yelena Yemchucks work extremely inspiring. I’ve found her work to relate to the idea I have in some aspects and there is definitely a lot that can be learned by analysing her work. I think the thing that stands out most about her work is her amazing use of poses – arguably one of the key factors present in photography. She's extremely creative with the way she uses poses and allows the mood of her images to be changed through the way she moulds the body of her model. Her work has a dramatic quality to it, in some cases reminding me of a still from a music video or film. Texture also plays a huge part in the styling of her images, either using frill, texture materials and bright colours to increase the sheer power of her images.

I find this image to be very compelling for many reasons. Firstly I love how powerful the model looks – everything from the pose, being shot from below the model and the bold dark clothing all screams confidence. I love how Yelena has matched the bland background she’s shot in and contrasts it with a bold PVC garment and a really dark colour which instantly stands out against the neutral colour palette of her surroundings. The position of her model is extremely strong - with her hands on her hips as if it’s a sort of confrontational pose. I will try to take this from Yelena's work, as especially try to learn from her clever use of posing to try to increase to dramatisation

and power in my work.

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